Safety Training

Our Training Department provides the latest up-to-date information needed to perform all phases of material handling in a safe, professional manner. Providing local and on-site training, CMS will tailor to your specific needs.

CMS is a leader in the development and presentation of crane and rigging programs since 1955. Our experienced staff can help you reach your goal of providing a safe and productive material handling environment.

Creating a Proactive Environment

An accident is the most obvious sign of a lift gone wrong. Most accidents occur because safety methods are not enforced or practiced. Studies have shown that too often basic errors are made prior to lifting. The solution to reducing accidents is to properly educate and train personnel to recognize and avoid hazards. Cairo Marine Service, Inc. provides training programs on-site that are customized to meet each customer’s requirements. Our programs are two-part: training in the classroom and hands-on training in the field. Our proven training methods give students a thorough knowledge of the equipment so they can operate it safely.

Overhead Crane Inspection and Operation

Completion of this program will enable Supervisors, Inspectors, Operators and Safety Personnel to improve inspection, operating and loading techniques on Jibs, Bridge Cranes, Monorail Systems and Hoists. We cover testing and certification, monthly and annual inspections, operations, communications and safety, wire rope and rigging and operator evaluation.


Mobile Crane Inspection and Operation

Tailored for Supervisors, Inspectors, Operators and Safety Personnel, this program covers equipment design and capacity calculations. Completion of this program will enable students to develop good operating safety practices. We cover major accident causes, operator responsibilities and duties, crane capacities and load charts, crane set-up, and wire rope and rigging.

Mobile Crane Operator Certification

Completion of this program reduces accident exposure by enabling experienced operators to be trained and tested to OSHA standards. We cover start-up inspection, job site traveling and road transit, set-up and work area hazards, capacity and practical working loads, operations and communications, and operating drills and evaluation.


Aerial Lift Training

Designed for Maintenance Personnel, completion of this program enables students to perform preventative maintenance and critical component inspections. We cover OSHA/ANSI/Federal Record keeping, monthly inspections, load bearing components, major components, location, stress and forces, non-destructive examination (NDE), and environment and operating conditions.

Forklift Operator Training

P306 and P307 for the U.S. Navy

Rigging-Construction/Industrial & Wire Rope and Rigging

To develop good rigging practices for the safe handling of a load in use by both overhead and mobile cranes, this program is intended for Trade Supervisors, Operators, Riggers, Inspectors and Safety Personnel. We cover rigging failures and their causes, rigging specialties, rigging hardware and types of slings, sling applications, methods and inspections, and weight applications and planning.

Training for Your Company’s Instructors and Students

CMS provides your company with a tailor-made “train the trainer” program. We have developed these programs to meet OSHA compliance. Your instructors will benefit from our expert trainers and ready-made teaching materials.

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