Marine Survey

A marine survey can encompass many different areas all of which require the services of a professional marine surveyor knowledgeable to conduct an inspection, determine the condition, assess damages (which involves causative determination and preparation of restorative specifications, as well as submitting and awarding repairs to the lowest capable bidder) and valuations (or appraisal) assessment to a variety of equipment (marine, industrial or specialized commodity), whether it be on behalf of an owner, lending institution, or marine insurance underwriter.

It is the marine surveyor’s responsibility, regardless of whom he has been retained by, to conduct a survey without prejudice to the right of any and all parties involved. Cairo Marine Service, Inc. has the capability to professionally conduct all types of marine surveys, such as, but not limited to the following examples:

  • General Condition Surveys relative to USCG, ABS, NFPA & ABYC Standards
  • On Charter/Off Charter Surveys
  • Condition and Valuation Surveys (for asset, risk and/or fair market determination)
  • Damage Surveys for any type of Hull (inland or offshore), Machinery (engines, reduction gears, winches, cranes, compressors, etc.), Cargo (ranging from simple bulk materials to finished specialty products) and Dock, Wharf or Offshore structures
  • Salvage Survey, inclusive of cargo damage, vessel stranding or sunken vessels
  • New Barge and Boat Construction, Inspection and Supervision
  • Repair, Layout, Supervision and Acceptance Inspection
  • Cargo Gauging/Draft or Freeboard Reading (to determine quantities received or discharged)
  • Non Destructive Testing
  • Trip and Tow Surveys (ensuring vessels are of adequate specification, inspecting and determining cargo securing, as well as voyage review and “safe harbor” availability)
  • Consultation for vessel and fleet requirements, legal litigation (CMS is recognized in numerous Federal District courts as "Professional Marine Surveyors and/or expert witnesses”)
  • Consultation for the implementation of safety procedures and loss reduction management programs
  • Loss and Casualty Claims Review
  • Loss and Casualty Arbitration Services
  • Pre-testing and final testing for material handling devices on the basis of initial, annual, quadrennial and re-certification usage

CMS is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet and exceed your marine surveying needs. Most surveys, upon request, can be completed within 48 hours, providing you with detailed reports. Remember, as an owner or underwriter, a professional marine survey is your cheapest form of insurance.

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