OSHA Accredited

Since 1961, Cairo Marine Service, Inc. has been accredited by the United States Department of Labor under 29 CFR Part 1919 to inspect, test, and certify shore based material handling devices, such as mobile truck, crawler and hydraulic cranes, which may be found in the construction industry, as well as tower cranes, floating cranes, derricks, barge loading spouts, suckers and special stevedoring gear which may be found in the maritime industry. We are also experienced in inspecting and certifying hoists, jib cranes and overhead bridge cranes for many factories and municipalities. CMS has conducted safety inspections throughout the U.S. and internationally.

CMS performs under the following industry standards:

  • United States Navy - P306/307
  • Maritime - OSHA 1918/19
  • Construction - OSHA 1926
  • Nuclear - RDT-8-6-T
  • United States Coast Guard
  • Corps of Engineers
  • General Industry - OSHA 1910

To correct problems before equipment failure occurs, we can provide professional inspections and detailed reports enabling prevention measures. We will make a physical condition inspection, observe functional performance, and perform load testing. You will receive detailed documentation for each piece of equipment.

Among the documentation you may receive one or more of the following:

  • Annual condition report
  • Monthly/quarterly report
  • Rope and hook report
  • NDE test results
  • Deficiency/recommendations
  • Maintenance and service evaluation forms
  • Load test results
  • Operation audit and evaluation reports

Crane and hoist inspections and certifications are performed and documented through the following reports and certifications:

  • Annual condition reports and certification
  • Load testing, using over 375 tons of portable weights
  • Testing, including magnetic particle and dye penetrant
  • Sling inspection and certification

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